Welcome. You have reached the official homepage of Lucien Black. Lucien is the author of the action adventure series,No Vacancies.With every book, Lucien's goal is to introduce his fans to the adventures that live inside his mind, delivering suspense and intrigue as his characters travel across dimensions to a world where being a superhero is a crime to following the exploits of a werewolf with a secret only the heavens can control, but a vampire wants the ultimate power to himself. Tales where man and magician fight against each other, superheroes band together to face common enemies and super villains band together to finally succeed where they previously failed.

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Blending the best of pulp fiction and comic book tales, Lucien's stories incorporate his love of comic book superhero stories, with gripping characters and cliffhanger endings that will keep you coming back for more. Join the adventure and get your copy of No Vacancies today.

Lucien is also the author of two novels, Outcast: Where Angels Dwell and the superhero adventure High Stakes: Book 1 Blitzkrieg
, both of which were originally printed in the No Vacancies series.